In his books, Maine Author Jake Morrel shares his passion for bush flying as well as riveting stories of heroism and humor. Through these books and the stories on the pages, the legacies of Maine Bush pilots will live on for generations.

Gary Dumond - Maine Warden Pilots

In his early years with Warden Service, Gary flew with three legendary Maine Warden Pilots. Now, after 20,000 hours above the Maine North Woods, Gary tells his stories plus other tales passed down by his mentors.

Hardscrabble Lodge - True Maine Bush Flying Stories

A floatplane races toward the shore and crashes in front of the lodge, Jake’s plane engine quits…twice, a forest fire threatens Hardscrabble, Firefighters are trapped between walls of flames, a boy must be airlifted after suffering a compound leg fracture.

Dick Folsom - Maine Bush Pilot by Maine Author Jake Morrel

Hunting season often presented the greatest challenges for float flying.  Frequently, ponds and lakes skimmed over.  Snow squalls, which limited visitbility, and ice coated floats were among the dangers the pilots faced.